10 Minute Awakening Review

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In a world littered with self-help products, trying to separate the wheat from the chaff can be an arduous task. The law of attraction niche alone has thousands of products to choose from.

The problem with most law of attraction guides is that they teach you to visualize and meditate on what you want, but they fail to take into account the mental state of the individual.

It’s like trying to build a skyscraper on weak foundations. It will never work and the structure will collapse. To truly manifest miracles, you’ll need to start off with a clean slate by first addressing the self-limiting thoughts that are holding you back.

In most cases, these are buried so deep in our subconscious that you can barely access them or make sense of why you think the way you do. At times like these, it’s best to use binaural beats or special audio tracks to stimulate your brain waves to vibrate positively.

One of the top selling products on the market is called 10 Minute Awakening and it promises to transform your life, if you’ll just listen to audio tracks for 10 minutes a day.

They claim to elevate your vibrational thoughts so that success is no longer a struggle. Since it’s selling so well, we decided to take a closer look at the product and this is what we found..

The Good Points:

1) This is a 3-week program that’s easy to follow. All you’ll need to do is listen to the 10 Minute Awakening audios once a day. Anyone can be consistent with such an easy protocol.

2) The principles the system is based on are scientifically sound. Alpha and theta waves do have an effect on your brain waves and can effect positive changes in the way you think.

They can help to calm you down too, which is what the program aims to do besides helping you attract what you want in your life.

3) The term ‘vibrational phenomenon’ is often used to describe the product. What it really means is that the audios have a unique way to stimulate your brain waves so that it elevates the vibrational level of your thoughts.

When your mind operates at a higher vibration, you’ll be able to attract what you want into your life much more easily. 10 Minute Awakening helps accelerate the process and gets you results faster.

4) The system is simple. It uses a combination of meditation, hypnosis, brainwave stimulation and a mix of neurolinguistic programming to help the listener form thought patterns that are productive and success oriented.

Trying to do this consciously on your own is a Herculean task because almost all of us are weighed down with mental limitations and emotional baggage that we’re usually unaware of.

These audios work with your subconscious mind to clear your negative thoughts so that you attract what you desire and NOT what you fear… and it does it easily.

5) The product includes 5 bonuses. This is excellent value for money. The bonuses are:

  • Melt Away Stress Audio
  • The Flow State Audio
  • Purify and Cleanse
  • Bonus #4 – Creative Sleep
  • The 10 Minute Awakening Quickstart Guide

These bonuses will help you to manage stress, find ease in your life, cleanse your thoughts and you’ll have better sleep too.

This all-rounded approach to emotional, mental and spiritual health makes the 10 Minute Awakening live up to its name.

6) You’re covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. Test out the audios for 2 months. If you don’t see any positive changes in your life, you can always ask for a refund.

7) Since this product is a digital download, you’ll get instant access upon payment and can start on transforming your life right away.

The Bad Points:

1) This product is only available online. You’ll need a debit/credit card to purchase it.

2) The official website has sales copy that’s slightly over the top. While it does make for engaging reading, some people may be cynical and start rolling their eyes. Nevertheless, the product delivers what it says it will. The testimonials from real users are proof of this.

3) Consistency is required. You’ll have to listen to these audios daily for at least 21 days.

Should You Get It?

If you feel like there’s turmoil in your head and heart and you want life to get better, this product just might help you.

Very often, we are a prisoner of our own thoughts and actions that we’re not in control of all the time.

Emotional baggage from the past and negative thoughts and self-beliefs that were imposed upon us when we were younger can be holding us back despite our best intentions.

At times like these, getting some ‘technical’ help and using audios that have special alpha and theta waves can help to eliminate our negative vibes. We may not know the science behind it all… but we just need to know it works.

The 10 Minute Awakening with all its testimonials and social proof has been shown to help people. You just need to take a leap of faith here and use the audios. Don’t panic. The refund policy is your safety net.

Transform your life with this wonderful product.

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